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Kathryn Bradney

Who am I? Kathryn Bradney

What do I do? Occupational Therapist

What did I study at 6th form/college? Health and social care level 3

What University did I study at? Bradford University

What influenced your choice of profession?

When I was at college, I did feel a bit confused about what type of health care I wanted to go into. From this I researched and looked into many different health care areas and from this nursing and occupational therapy stood out as two areas I would like to explore. I had the opportunity to speak to nurses and occupational therapists and from this I realised that my skills, abilities and interests lay with occupational therapy.


What were your thoughts before and after starting the course?

Before I became an occupational therapist my understanding of the role was very blurred and misunderstood.

As occupational therapists we are an allied health care profession who are able to support an individual who wants to gain independence with a task or to develop a new skills or re learn a skill.

The occupational therapy association have a really good analogy about what occupational therapist are and what there role is and it has stayed with me from when I was student to a professional:

‘picture a wall in front of you. In that wall there is a door and that this door is locked. On the other side of this door is something that makes your heart happy – playing a game, sewing, taking your dog for a walk etc…, that is your occupation. Some people are born lucky in which they can walk through this door and others face problems in which they have lost or never had that key to get through that door. So as an occupational therapist we are able to support someone to get through that door.’ – the quote is by Katie Mary with the Occupational Therapy Association

Developing a therapeutic relationship with the patient is essential, it allows you to work together collaboratively and for them to ask for the support they need

What your current role looks like day to day?

I am currently in a rotational position which means I can work up to 6 months to 12 months within a placement of my choice. This is fantastic for building my skills and experience and means it is very varied.

My current rotation is within a forensic mental health service. What my day looks like can vary significantly: it can involve admin tasks such as updating electronic care plans, writing reports and assessments, along with engaging in meaningful activities with a patient which could involve going to a shop, supporting them to access public transport, supporting the development or confidence in skills such as cooking or budgeting, or even sitting down to do some arts and crafts.

Some days you may get a lot of engagement from the individual you work with and the next you may not, and this is totally fine as you are continuing to assess and work beside that individual.

I have also had the opportunity to develop my CPD (continuing professional development) through projects on site and training I have been offered.

Occupational Therapist

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