Diagnostic Radiographer

What is a diagnostic radiographer?

A diagnostic radiographer uses technology to look inside the service users’ bodies, to understand the cause of their illness.

What does a diagnostic radiographer do on a daily basis?

  • Take images using technology (MRI, X-rays, CT scans and ultra sounds) of the insides (muscles & bones) of service users to help diagnose and understand the problem/ condition.
  • Design treatment plans depending on what the problem is
  • Advise and support recommendations
  • Be involved with MDT working to discuss progress of service users

Where do radiographers work?

  •  Cancer treatment ward
  • Accident & emergency department
  • Private clinics
  • Intensive care
  • Neonatal unit
  • GP surgery
  • Operating department
  • Veterinary practice
  • Prisons
  • The armed forces
  • Research establishments

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