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Virtual Work Based Learning Programme

Welcome to the Aspiring Allies Virtual Work Based Learning Programme platform

The Virtual Work Based Learning Programme includes 6 modules which take you through the aspects of working as an Allied Health Professional and can count towards your work experience when applying to University or for an Apprenticeship.

The programme takes approximately 8 hours. The programme includes 2x 1 hour live sessions with real AHPs and 6 hours of virtual self-directed work.

The modules include:


How do I access the Programme?

The Programme can be accessed by individuals or by schools based in West Yorkshire. The Programme can be accessed by support staff based in the North East and Yorkshire region.

To access the resources to take part in the Programme and to be booked onto our live Welcome and Finale events, please enter the password below.

If you do not have a password but would like to request access, please click the ‘Request Access’ button below which will take you to our contact page.

Virtual Work Based Learning Programme

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What do teachers have to say about the programme?

How did the students go about completing this programme?

The students completed the programme during their weekly guidance hour and during their own time outside of school. During the time in school they were able to support each other in understanding the different tasks and ways to tackle them, they were able to develop more of a community between them.

What do you think the students get out of a Virtual Work Experience?

They developed a much broader understanding of the different roles within AHPs and how these roles may complement each other as part of a MDT.

They were able to examine their skills and see how these may be suited to the different types of career. They particularly enjoyed the session asking questions of the different professionals, this session could definitely have been longer! This session was important as it felt like the professionals were really interested in them and helping them achieve careers in this area as they were so keen to share their experiences and answer the student’s questions.

The work experience helped them with their organisational skills as they had to spread the work over several weeks, and balance it with their school work and other outside activities.

Is there anything you learned from taking part in the programme?

As my form group were mainly new students that I hadn’t taught before, it was great to see their independence and motivation in completing the course. Also I learnt more about the different roles as well!

What was the most valuable thing about taking part in the Virtual Work Experience as a school?

The most important thing was that the students were able to support each other in their learning. For some it may be difficult to obtain face-to-face work experience due to their circumstances so it makes a more level playing field. It also helped develop confidence in some of the students so that they felt happier in applying for face-to-face experience.

What did students have to say about the programme?

What was learning about the different Allied Health Professions like?

It was good because there was a range of different careers and different pathways to explore.

What skills did you gain from taking part in the Virtual Work Experience?

I leant about the six C’s of healthcare and the different was to achieve the career I want.

What was the best thing about taking part in the Virtual Work Experience?

The variety of options and resources provided to explore the different roles and careers.

Would you recommend taking part in the Work Expereince to other people and why?

Yes, because the work experience provides an insight to a range of skills and possible careers as an allied health professional.

Did the Virtual Work Experience help you to consider an Allied Health Profession as a career?

Yes, because there was a wide range of resources to interact with and explore careers.