Inspirational Story

Gemma Hawtin

Name: Gemma Hawtin

Role: Children’s Physiotherapy Assistant at Leeds Community Heathcare NHS Trust

Pronouns: She/her



Tell us about your role and the difference it makes to patient care

I come to work every day knowing I am making a difference just to hear the patents and families are happy with the progress their children make.


What attracted you to being a support worker?

I was a support assistant in a school and I thought my skills could transfer over to a Physiotherapy Assistant so I applied to work for Leeds Teaching Hospitals and never looked back.

I’ve worked with many teams across three NHS Trusts and all have given me the confidence to push myself further and use the skills I have or develop the ones I wasn’t sure on.

I graduated with a Sport Development with Physical Education degree but found jobs hard to find and temporary so decided healthcare was the way to go and NHS is what I choose in 2013 after spending some time in schools.

There are so many areas you could explore, so follow your passion!

How has training and development in your role helped you so far?

Training and development is a big part of every evolving practice and the way we do things.  I have always come in with a fresh pair of eyes and managed to help changes where needed in the service we provide.

Leading a project was by far the most rewarding and having management to support me do this gave me the confidence to continue and develop the intervention.


What are you most proud of in your role?

This has to be Winning the Advancing Heathcare Awards Overall in 2020 with an intervention that came from the families and children we see to develop Independence and Childs choice.  But most recently completing the Edward Jenner Leadership Programme.


What would you say to others to encourage more people to become AHP support workers?

I would say if you want to join heathcare and have the passion then just do it! A lot of our skills are transferrable and valued.  There are so many areas you could explore, so follow your passion!

Find your own way in such a rewarding job.