Inspirational Story

Orla Reddington

Who am I? My name is Orla Reddington.

What do I do? I qualified as a Physiotherapist in 2000, and I currently work within NHS South Yorkshire, at the Cancer Alliance as AHP Programme Lead

What did I study at 6th Form/college?

I studied Biology, Chemistry and Sports Science at A Level


What did I study at University?

Physiotherapy (Bachelor of Science) at Sheffield Hallam University


What promoted you to study Physiotherapy?

My parents worked in healthcare so I always knew that I was likely to end up doing something similar to them.

I have always enjoyed helping people, meeting people from all walks of life and seeing the impact of improving peoples function on their quality of life.

Our profession is so diverse, which makes it so fantastic

What have you learnt since studying to be a Physiotherapist?

Physiotherapy is such a rewarding career, it has such a positive impact on peoples lives whether they have had a stroke, back pain, a musculoskeletal injury, recovering from surgery and critical illness, cancer or patients with respiratory conditions.

Our profession is so diverse, which makes it so fantastic.


How have you got to the position you are in now?

When I first qualified I worked as a Band 5 rotational physiotherapist. I spent a few years as a rotational Physiotherapist, as I wasn’t sure which area of physiotherapy I wanted to specialise in. #

After spending a rotation within acute medicine, I knew that respiratory physiotherapy was for me. I spent many years working with patients on intensive care units, on acute medical and surgical wards, within pulmonary rehabilitation as well as working with patients who have cancer, developing rehabilitation programmes to enhance their recovery and fitness for treatment.

From there I moved into a Clinical Leadership post within the inpatient wards, leading a team of physiotherapists, occupational therapists and support staff.

In my current post, I work with Allied Health Professionals working within cancer to develop services for patients, I find this a really rewarding job, even though I currently don’t have any clinical contact with patients themselves.


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