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#ImNotJust Campaign

Lauren Woods, the creator of the #ImNotJust Campaign speaks to us about what the campaign is, the inspiration behind the campaign and its successes so far

What is the Campaign about?

This campaign aims to highlight the importance of each and every role within the Health and Social Care professions. From the CEO to the Nurses, Allied Health Professions (AHP), cleaners, Health Care Assistants, AHP support staff, admin staff, porters, students – we are all valuable and imperative to making a difference to our patients experiences and our colleagues working alongside us.

We want to highlight that we are more than ‘just’ our job titles or pay grades and we all make valuable contributions to healthcare.

Together we can make the change

Inspiration behind #ImNotJust

My name is Lauren Woods my journey began after completing my A Levels and having no plan on what to do next.

I started working as a Catering Assistant, delivering patient meals and providing teas and coffees. I did this for three years and then decided that I wanted to try something new whilst staying within the hospital.

I was successful in attaining a Housekeeping position on the Oncology unit and during this time completed my Care Certificate Qualification. This qualification then allowed me to apply for a Health Care Assistant (HCA) role which I was successful and moved over to the maternity unit.

Being hands on with patient care is always something I have been passionate about and becoming a HCA was one of the best decisions I made.

After a year, the opportunity presented to apply for the Nursing Associate Apprenticeship course. This was a 22 month course full of university work and placement hours. I was lucky enough to gain insight and work on the Cardiac Unit, Surgical Assessment Unit, Mental Health and the Children’s unit during this time.

In July 2020 when the world was in unprecedented times dealing with the pandemic, I achieved my foundation degree and qualified as a Nursing Associate

Throughout this time and having worn several different uniforms, I came to the realisation that I was treated very differently depending on my job role and which uniform I had on. This is something I feel needs to change.

I created the #ImNotJust Campaign in the hopes of raising awareness to the fact we all play vital roles and are all equally deserving of respect.

Its not about the uniform we wear, it is about the impact we make together

AHP Support Workers

AHP support workers, are both an essential and vital part of the nursing, Allied Health Profession and wider health and care team. AHP support workers are hugely involved in creating a patient centered approach to care and have the opportunity to be part of the patients recovery journey.

Together we can create a health care service to be proud of and everything you do for your patients and team has an impact, no matter how big or small.


#ImNotJust Campaign successes so far

The #ImNotJust campaign is becoming more and more recognised and has celebrated its one year anniversary on the 29th June 2022.  Only recently I was invited to attend the NHS Parliamentary Awards in London following winning a Regional Rising Star Award.

We are so proud of how this campaign has developed and we hope that as it grows, there will be a culture shift where everyone in a team values each member equally and they will work together more effectively for the benefit of patients and service users.

Want to be involved?
If you would like to get involved or have any queries, the campaign is now on Twitter @imnotjust3 and Instagram @imnotjust_